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Aerial view of people toasting together at backyard party

Outdoor Summer Party Tips

Summer party fun is here! Here are some tips for easy summer party planning.

Make a list of invitees

The best way to plan what you’ll need is to first get a headcount of party guests. If you’re serving alcohol choose who you will invite carefully, you don’t want to invite that neighbor that gets too rowdy, or maybe you do? Just keep in mind what type of personality clashes could come into play and prepare accordingly.

Choose a theme

A backyard can be the perfect place for a themed summer party. You can keep it casual, or go full formal complete with table and tent decorations, even light up the trees with string lights for an elegant look. Bright colors and fresh flowers go a long way!

Serve plenty of snacks

You never want partygoers to go hungry while waiting for food to be served. Try some summer favorites like deviled eggs, watermelon, cantaloupe, other melons, fresh fruit like strawberries and grapes – all of the above will keep that appetite at bay while waiting on the main course. There’s also an all-time go-to for backyard BBQ’s of chips and macaroni salads. Remember to cover your treats, bugs love them just as much as we do!

Create fun summer beverages

Summer drinks can be fun, tasty, and refreshing. Fruit infused waters are always a crowd pleaser. Buy your citrus and berries like oranges, limes, lemons, strawberries, etc. and toss them in with carbonated water or orange juice and club soda. Make your own creation with all your favorites. Here are some non-alcoholic drink recipes, and for the adult drinks try these cocktail concoctions.

Cook a simple menu

From salads to sliders, barbecued chicken breast to corn on the cob, carne asada or ribs… keep the menu simple so you can enjoy the party too! For an extensive list of summer party foods, look no further than Pinterest!  

Use lighting to enhance the atmosphere

Like we mentioned a simple solution earlier, string lights on trees. You can also buy mini led’s and place a few of them inside balloons while you blow them up, this creates a starlight a really cool starlight lighting experience. Mini LEDs cost around a buck each and will last the whole party.

Entertain your guests

Whether it’s music or game, you’ll want your guests to enjoy every minute so plan ahead. What do your invitees like? You can keep it simple and plan on charades, or maybe a game of Cards Against Humanity! Need something a bit more kid friendly? Bring a couple of decks of Uno, or plan a game of cornhole for family-oriented fun! Here are some great outdoor party and game ideas.

Control pests

Create a protected zone against mosquitos with products like Thermacell. Pro tip: Keep the pests out of your fruit salad or other food with food serving nets and Tupperware lids.

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